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 Experience Matters. 

RevTek provides value by enabling our clients to succeed through expanding their business and enhancing their technological qualifications to deliver mission impact.
We offer a unique opportunity to leverage our expertise as thought leaders with decades of experience solving complex problems for Government and industry.
 What We Bring to the Table. 


Our team applies in depth knowledge of IT enterprises, threat-based defense, cyber resilience and defensive operations to building more secure systems and supporting continuity of mission operations.

Learn more about our cybersecurity offerings here.

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systems thinking & Enterprise Architecture

We bring the power of systems thinking and engineering to solving your most complex problems. Whether it is a large-scale systems acquisition, interoperability assessment, feasibility study or enterprise modernization program, we can provide independent high-quality technical results to enable clear decision-making.

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IT Infrastructure & Cloud Computing

We offer expertise in the acquisition, management, governance and use of information technology assets both on premise and in the cloud. We understand the trade space between cost, compliance and performance.

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advanced analytics & artificial Intelligence

Our team has led the application of best-in-class advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to solve complex challenges.

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Data Analytics & Management

Our strong track record of developing successful data strategies and implementation plans comes from helping you create vision, objectives, initiatives, action plans, roadmaps and performance measures.  We believe in creating strong governance by defining data ownership, authority and accountability.

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Digital Enterprise Transformation

From planning, launching and guiding organizations through transformation implementation, we know how to manage a variety of challenges that often lead to organizational failures.

 Breadth of Experience. 
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