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RevTek Announces Partnership to Offer Ransomware Solution

June 14, 2021

RevTek Solutions (RevTek) announces today its agreement with Sollensys Corporation (US OTC: SOLS), to provide a unique blockchain solution against ransomware attacks. The solution is designed to add a layer of data security, quickly and safely returning an organization’s business operations should they be ransomed. Sollensys, a Florida based company, is dedicated to applying their technology to secure data across industry.

RevTek’s CEO, Gabe Galvan stated that his firm is very excited with the Sollensys agreement during this important moment in cybersecurity history. RevTek will implement a Distributed Data Center approach using Sollensys’ technology that will provide immutable (unchanging) data storage for companies of all sizes. “Our nation and the world continue to suffer from the malicious acts of bad actors wishing to disrupt economies. We are honored to be in a position doing our small part with many others to provide a more secure environment for industry, education institutions and governments. We believe that our solution will be an added peace of mind for organizations across all industries.”

Should a firm be compromised, by having a subscription for the blockchain data service, they will have access to their immutable data. Galvan says, “The solution allows entities the restoration of their data from a given point in time to continue operations with confidence.” “While many companies use storage back-ups, their data is often not immutable and if compromised is often corrupted or held hostage. The recent set of ransomware attacks are proving the seriousness of the problem for both industry and government.

RevTek specializes in systems engineering and information technology disciplines with an emphasis in security for our nation and industry. RevTek provides companies assessments of their cybersecurity and uses proven technologies to help customers defend their operations.

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