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Welcoming Our Newest Director of Business Development

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Diego is a Business Strategist at RevTek Solutions, LLC with 11+ years’ experience helping government organizations and private sector businesses seize strategic opportunities in healthcare, technology, taxation, real estate, cybercrime, aviation, footwear, and heavy machinery. His work is rooted in the practical application of management theory on critical organizational functions including strategic planning, enterprise transformation, performance management, executive and organizational communications, governance, and agile experimentation and prototyping. Diego is adept at working alongside senior-level executives to support transformational initiatives by leveraging his project experience from a variety of private sector businesses and federal agencies (e.g., FAA, Census Bureau, IRS, HHS, VA, CMS) to creatively adapt and apply best practices from across industries to achieve mission-level outcomes. Diego believes in the power of empowering and leveraging the knowledge, capabilities, and passions of his clients’ workforce to improve employee morale and make an impact on the organization’s mission.

Diego has mastered the art of visual communication and collaborating in real-time with cross-functional teams to quickly process information and chart a path forward. This path may involve structuring qualitative information for a team of rigorous researchers, distilling an organization’s operations down to its primary motivations and very purpose for existing, or crafting compelling evidence-based messages that resonate with and activate stakeholders.

Diego has a unique ability to bridge the gap between academic theory and practical implementation. He attributes much of this ability to his eclectic work history which includes cattle ranching, working in the oil field, janitorial service, and even owning and operating a hot dog cart business! Currently, Diego is working on ways to automate portions of his refined engagement process through technology and provide outlets for education so that his clients can build and maintain certain capabilities within their own organizations.

Diego is a recipient of the 2021 BEYA Stem award as well as numerous awards from previous employers and holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from George Mason University.

When he is not helping government organizations and businesses evolve, Diego can be found spending time with family, playing musical instruments, bicycling, running, rock climbing, hiking, learning languages, and traveling.

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