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RevTek Blockchain Archive

This is not another backup solution. It's your  business continuity plan on steroids. 

The RevTek Blockchain Archive is a fail-safe contingency that will ensure data accessibility in the event of a ransomware or other catastrophic data attack or outage.  Ransomware is on the rise and backup solutions fail every day to protect organizations from losing access to their data.  This is because backups are complex systems and require pristine data hygiene, advanced IT knowledge for proper implementation, and strict process compliance from your employees.  Any slipup or oversight along the way can leave your organization vulnerable to attack.


That's where the RevTek Blockchain Archive comes in.  Instead of relying solely on complicated security plans and configurations just to hope for the best, we prefer to err on the side of safety.  The RevTek Blockchain Archive is a double blockchain encrypted distributed data network that can provide you a perfect copy of your critical data no matter what evil befalls your company's data systems.   

How it works

Because your data is written into the blockchain, it can never be altered once it is stored.  Not only is your data encrypted, but it is also scattered across many locations in a distributed network so it never exists all in one place.  Only you (or someone you trust) hold the key to retrieve it.  No one can ever lock you out or make changes to your data... not even you.  You can always "update" your archived files by adding a new version, but the old copy will always be there in case you need to go back and look at it down the road.  In the event of an attack or disaster, your data can be restored quickly to provide business continuity with complete confidence in  your data integrity.

RevTek offers 24/7 customer support and 80 hours of free assistance in the event your company is attacked.


The RevTek Blockchain Archive is designed to work with any system and any filetype.  It can be as simple as uploading a file through your secure web browser, or as sophisticated and automated as needed for larger enterprises.  It does not replace any of your existing systems and is intended to be a seamless bolt-on as the finishing touch to complete a robust data security plan.  


Getting Started

The purpose of the RevTek Blockchain Archive is to provide easy access to a truly immutable enterprise level data protection tool for companies of all sizes.  Plans start at $39.95 a month for 100 gigabytes of blockchain storage.   Bulk pricing is available for larger accounts over 10 terabytes.  Petabyte scale storage capacities are available.

We offer two options:

Option 1:  Get started today by clicking this link, sign up, and begin to secure your files in the RevTek Blockchain Archive.  This option is best for small businesses, individuals, or any business that wants to select their data assets and do a periodic manual upload. 

Option 2:  Submit your contact information in the form below to get in touch with a RevTek specialist.  This will allow us to explore your data archiving needs further and to select the appropriate strategy when it comes to identifying your most valuable data assets and keeping them safe.  Larger organizations that require custom implementations and automation for recurring archives should choose this option.     

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Want to learn more?

Fill out the details below and a RevTek specialist will contact you to discuss your individual cybersecurity needs.

Thanks for your interest. A RevTek specialist will reach out to you soon!
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